A dog, I have always said, is prose; a cat is a poem. ~Jean Burden


Spring. The season of sleeping has begun. The only time this crew is gonna wake up before November is to eat and at night to destroy the place.


When I took Kismet to the vet in January her weight was down to 7 lbs 2 oz. Her weight stayed constant the entire time she was on antibiotics. Then she slowly started to gain. Now she’s 8 lbs 6 oz. She, and by extension I, gets weighed every Tuesday morning and I’m hoping she’ll hit 8 1/2 lbs this Tuesday. I want to stabilize her between there and 9 lbs. Now I have to figure out how to eliminate the extra can per day while feeding her a small amount at noon with her meds. Looks like Ptah and Tama are either gonna get extra with their meals or a little less. Got a feeling Kismet is not gonna be happy with her half a can lunch going away.

About 9:30 Thursday evening there came the unmistakable sound of an impending fight in my carport. Man, these guys can be loud. I go out the back door making as much noise as I can and asking "what’s goin’ on out here" in a nice loud voice and they split, only to continue the length of the alley and into the fenced lot at the end. Eileen’s out yellin at ’em, I’m yellin’ at ’em, they don’t care. Then silence. No fight. Good.

I’ve looked for recent stories of tigers helping two-leggeds but other than the usual meowing waking up folks whose home is on fire kind of thing I really didn’t find anything of note. Soooo, I decided a revisit to Oscar, the cat that predicts the deaths of patients in a nursing home might be in order. I also ran across a piece about a kitteh who warns his two-legged of impending epileptic seizures. And a piece on the controversial tiger sanctuary in Thailand.

When all the world recognizes beauty as beauty, this in itself is ugliness.
When all the world recognizes good as good, this in itself is evil.

Indeed, the hidden and the manifest give birth to each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short exhibit each other.
High and low set measure to each other.
Voice and sound harmonize each other.
Back and front follow each other.

Therefore, the Sage manages his affairs without ado,
And spreads his teaching without talking.
He denies nothing to the teeming things.
He rears them, but lays no claim to them.
He does his work, but sets no store by it.
He accomplishes his task, but does not dwell upon it.

And yet it is just because he does not dwell on it
That nobody can ever take it away from him.

Tao Te Ching, 2, Lao Tzu

Share your tiger stories with us.

I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through. ~Jules Verne

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