How to Fix our Economy – All it Takes is a Help Wanted Sign

For the past seven years, every weekend during slow season I head up north for a mini paid vacation.

I play poker and have been doing it for profit for about 20 years.

It’s not my main source of income nor do I want it becoming a full time job, that’s not the point of this diary.

The point is, I had no worries about traveling on this mini vacation, if I lost no big deal, if I won that was great, I loved the trip, visiting my friends and having fun.

This year was different though.

This year everyone at work was getting laid off, my days were reduced to half, my compensation took a big hit and since I work on commission that of course took a hit as well since very few people are making big ticket purchases.

Since I don’t know if I’m going to have income tomorrow I can’t take the risk of spending money I might need if source of income is lost.

I stopped going (as much), and when I do go the entire atmosphere is as I just said, people afraid they won’t have income tomorrow.

Now, if I saw even one "help wanted" sigh that offered gainful employment then bing, I am off on my weekly mini vacations once again.

That’s all it will take, help wanted signs, obviously putting those out of work to work and insuring those of us Lucky enough to still have jobs that there is a job waiting if we lose this one.

Everyone would begin to spend again, that commerce would fuel jobs and there would be that snowball effect

All it’s going to take are those help wanted signs the Obama programs promise give us

My formula for fixing the economy is as simple as this;

Mr. president, Put up those help wanted signs

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