Why is the McCain campaign spending time in Iowa? Thoughts….

The summary that I wrote pretty much sums it up. This is speculation on my part – but does the campaign have specific voter suppression efforts in place in certain states, and they are desperately trying to get back within the margin of error in those states? The Sec State is a Dem, so we are in different territory than FL 2000 or OH 2004. But what about the US Attorney?

"This article indicates that, as of Feb. 2007, the USA for the Northern district of IA, Matt M. Dummermuth
Sioux City Journal CEDAR RAPIDS — Matt M. Dummermuth took the U.S. attorney’s oath of office in front of U.S. District Court Chief Judge Linda R. Reade Tuesday afternoon in Cedar Rapids. Dummermuth will succeed Charles W. Larson Sr., who retired Dec. 31, and will serve on an interim basis until a U.S. attorney is nominated by the president and confirmed by the U.S.Senate. Dummermuth has served as a counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights since April 2006. Prior to that, he served as a special assistant".


So who is he?

"Ms. Paulose … is also one of several conservative lawyers who worked at Justice Department headquarters or the White House who have been named to top jobs in United States attorneys offices on an interim basis. Others are J. Timothy Griffin in Arkansas, Bradley J. Schlozman in Missouri, R. Alexander Acosta in Miami and Matthew M. Dummermuth in Iowa."


He was eventually nominated for Senate approval: Dec 14, 07.Frankly, I haven’t figured out if he was actually approved. I have seen that he was heavily involved in a big immigration raid, back when the Repubs thought that was an issue they maybe could campaign on.


Anyway, Matt may be far enough under the radar that they are still working this option. Please keep looking!
Oh, and anybody keeping an eye on Acosta?

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