Will Kossacks ever get it?

Today I posted the following diary, entitled Back When Democrats Wouldn’t Filibuster Alito and I specifically called out the DailyKos for going out of their way to give the democrats who broke ranks cover for not standing firm against Alito.

Then the diarist, Dana, actually began to spin why the Democrats would fail the American people in what I can only describe as the first "11th dimensional chess" defense:

Why wouldn’t most of the Democrats filibuster Alito? The entire point of the Nuclear Option battle was to reserve the filibuster so Democrats could use it to prevent the court from being tipped into the hands of a Scalia-inspired majority. Alito will almost certainly side with Scalia and Thomas far more than did his predecessor, Sandra Day O’Connor. I was thinking about that the other day, in wondering why there were no clear signs that the Democrats would sustain a filibuster of Alito’s nomination. And then it hit me; is it possible that the Democrats have calculated that Alito doesn’t represent a net change on the court?…

…Therefore, while there seems to be sound reasons to expect Alito to join the right wing radicals on the Supreme Court, if one accepts that Roberts will be an O’Connor-like swing vote–I’m not sure that’s correct, but if one accepts the theory–then the swap of Rehnquist and O’Connor for Roberts and Alito is largely a wash. Alito may be marginally worse that Rehnquist, but Roberts, as Chief Justice, may be about the same as O’Connor, but with the higher status as Chief Justice.

So that was the diarists lame attempt to rationalize a reason why the base should not be outraged that the Dems were caving in and not filibustering a person who was obviously a radical activist judge. It’s amazing how far people will reach to find any shred of an excuse not to be outraged at the Democrats for lacking a spine. It’s amazing how far they’ll reach to provide the Dems even the flimsiest of cover.

Then I go on to point out how Kos himself is to blame for doing exactly the same thing:

I’m sorry, but am I missing something? Did Byrd and Johnson actually believe that by not standing up against nominating an activist judge that they’d lose voters? They actually believed the best course to getting reelected was to cave to Republican demands? Byrd who hasn’t lost an election since man invented fire is going to break ranks with the dems and not filibuster a blatantly activist nominee because someone decided to run against him? Really Kos?

Johnson, the same democrat who voted for Bush’s tax cut for the wealthy doesn’t deserve our condemnation for breaking dem ranks? He gets an excuse? He gets provided a cover story?

Byrd, the same democrat who filibustered against the Civil Rights Act wouldn’t filibuster against an activist right wing judge? This is the same Byrd who voted against gays in the military and voted to limit gay marriage. This is the same Byrd who is against affirmative action. The same Byrd who praised Bush’s choice of John Roberts.

The same Byrd who voted against Thurgood Marshall.

But instead of railing against Byrd, demanding that he get in line with his fellow Dems, Kos laments that it was all a matter of "good timing for the GOP"

I even point out that instead of threatening to run primary challenges against Johnson, DKos actually endorsed him in 2008! And then I finish with this:

That’s simply not acceptable.

Look at the price we pay now for not raging against the machine that is the Democratic Party back then.

When you play for stakes this high, you must play for keeps. There’s no half-heartedness. There’s no points for being nice. Every misdeed Byrd ever did should have been dredged up against him and every good he ever did forgotten in that moment. Because it was a critical moment, perhaps the most critical moment and we could not afford to give dems cover for backing down.

Yet that’s exactly what we did and that’s exactly what some Kossacks keep doing and that’s exactly what we have to stop doing if we’re going to ever be able to change this country’s course.

I just posted the diary up minutes ago. I fully expect to go back and find a lot of comments posted by indignant Kossacks, calling me a troll or coming up with even more lame excuses as to why I’m wrong.

Maybe even a pony gets mentioned.

I wonder, will Kossacks ever get it?

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