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December 12, 2012

Steven Crowder’s Face Is The New Kenneth Gladney

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Pajamas Media/Breitbart/Fox News/Koch family rent boy and meat slab Steven Crowder waded into the union protests in Michigan yesterday hoping to get punched in his very punchable stupid face while on camera and he was successful and now conservatives have something to cheer about besides controlling the World Wide Web internet government.

Crowder argued with protesters who began to tear down a tent pitched on the Capitol lawn by the pro-right-to-work group Americans For Prosperity. According to MLive, Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said they were contacted because several people, including two in wheelchairs, were trapped under the tent.

He was then punched repeatedly in the face by a protester, while another man speaking off-camera threatened to kill Crowder with a gun. Crowder said there was no police presence in the area during the altercation.


Speaking on the Dana Loesch radio show immediately following the physical confrontation, Crowder said “Dana, they literally would have killed me where I stood if I’d of fought back and defended myself after the sucker punch. They literally would have torn me limb-from-limb.”

He said he has a cut on his forehead and also suffered a chipped tooth from the skirmish.

Taking a lesson from Kenneth Gladney, whose case unfortunately collapsed like a loosened tent pole, Crowder has gone full metal drama queen and immediately scurried off to bro-talk with fellow manly man Sean Hannity where he challenged his attacker to an “MMA fight” which, for the uninitiated, is the kind of fighting you normally see outside of a bar, except in this case nobody is drunk; they’re just sloppy swinging at each and kicking and wrasslin’ and groping and preening for the crowd …. BUT IT IS NOT GAY, SO SHUT UP.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be a quite a year for young Steven Crowder who also recently publicly announced that he had finally fucked a real live woman.

Keep living out loud, bro…

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