Went to my first Dallas Texas Obama Meet up

At 6:30pm in Dallas Texas a lot of grassroots people got together for Obama. I took a small video of it here.  


Forgive me for my voice I hate it. My video camera isn’t the best in darkrooms so it isn’t the best video for this type of stuff, but I posted it to youtube in order to show how it was inside. This is my first time to EVER get invovled in politics.  

As you can see from the video I tried to make a point that I had a lot of free time and was willing to do anything to help out on Obama winning Texas. Another person at dailykos dairied about it here.


More belowTexans are fired up about the fact that our state actually matters. I wish I could have stayed around and gotten a few interviews, but my ride was ready to leave at the end. I am fired up about Obama’s chances in Texas. I didn’t know anyone there but I tried my best to help out.

 The reason why the video footage doesn’t show a lot more around the room is I volunteered to help the moment I got there. I basically was signing people up that wanted to volunteer. I did make the mistake of asking a staff member, but like I said I didn’t know anyone there. I couldn’t tell who was who because there were so many people.